IAP2 International Webinars

IAP2 Australasia members have access to a range of international webinars. Check out the content below, remember to log in to be able to view.

2020 International Webinars

  • Evaluating P2 to address historic disenfranchisement and empower communities
  • A How-to … Effective facilitation using Zoom
  • Beyond inclusion – equity in public engagement
  • Applying human-centered design to your P2 strategy
  • Making inclusionary P2 part of the organisational structure
  • Talking to planners and engineers about P2 with Kylie Cochrane
  • 2019 Core Values Awards Organisations of the year – USA and Canada

2019 International Webinars

  • Understanding Indigenous identity
  • What makes a top-notch project? Learn from the best of 2019
  • Not just dragons: a model for inclusive engagement with communities of colour
  • Engaging the rumour mill
  • Youth shaping cities
  • Creating communities and P2 roadmaps
  • Visual engagement
  • Reconciliation and P2
  • Large-scale P2 for large-scale projects
  • Why are these people yelling at me? Understanding outrage and opposition
  • Diversity and inclusion

2018 International Webinars

  • Digital engagement round-table
  • Prevent truth decay
  • Facilitation agility: off the rails but still on track
  • Brave, honest conversations – what they are and how to have them
  • Building P2 in your organisation
  • Public transportation and public participation
  • Participatory systems change
  • Beyond inclusion
  • Our community could blow up – do we have time for some quick consultation?
  • 2017 Core Values Awards – project categories
  • Handling emotion and outrage
  • Digital engagement panel

2017 International Webinars

  • Beginning with the brain in mind
  • Denver encore
  • 2017 Core Values Awards Organisation of the year
  • Understanding the squishy stuff and are we smarter together?
  • Is your organisation P2-centric?
  • Facilitation matters
  • Duh, make it interesting!
  • Creativity, innovation and the greater good
  • Respect for diversity, inclusion and culture, Core Values Awards winners
  • Making engagement meaningful with P2 toolkits
  • Participatory budgeting with Shari Davis and Luc Richard

2016 International Webinars

  • Social media and P2
  • P2 and decision makers
  • IAP2 Research white papers – Conflict management and Evaluating P2 processes
  • The new face of Indigenous engagement
  • 2015 Core Values Awards winners
  • Engagement triangle and innovative visual public engagement
  • Participatory budgeting and the balancing act