2020 International Webinars

February 2020

Talking to planners and engineers about P2 with Kylie Cochrane

In your public engagement practice, do you find that the hardest people to bring onside are your own staff — the planners and engineers? Kylie Cochrane, head of public engagement with Aurecon, the international planning and design advisory group (and currently president of IAP2 International), has a lot of experience in talking to the experts. She’ll share some ideas on how to convince them that it’s “OK to let go”.

IAP2 Australasia members watch the webinar here

January 2020

2019 Organisations of the Year – USA and Canada

The leads with the City of Kingston and the City of Boulder (Colorado), which won the IAP2 Canada and IAP2 USA Organisation of the Year awards, discuss their projects and how they aligned with the Core Values. Boulder also won the International IAP2 Core Values Award for Organisation of the Year.

IAP2 Australasia members watch the webinar here