2021 New Zealand Symposium

When is the New Zealand Symposium?

The New Zealand Community and Stakeholder Engagement Symposium dates for 2021 have been announced. Make sure you mark it in your calendar!

Dates: Tuesday 25 – Wednesday 26 May, 2021
 Auckland, New Zealand

Registrations will open early 2021. Stay tuned for more information or sign up to our e-Newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Apply to present at the Symposium

We are inviting potential presenters to submit a presentation abstract that captures: What’s on your mind?

This is your opportunity to submit a presentation abstract on a topic of interest to you in the practice of engagement.

The NZ symposium brings together engagement practitioners, community development practitioners, communications and marketing professionals and academics to explore the diverse and challenging topic of community and stakeholder engagement.

Presentation abstract submission is open to all professionals and academics working in community and stakeholder engagement; community members and representatives who have participated in engagement and those who are exploring engagement as part of our rapidly changing design, planning, service delivery and policy making environments.

You can view the submission guidelines here.

All submissions are to be made online via IAP2 Australasia’s Survey Monkey Apply submission page. You will first need to register an account with Survey Monkey Apply.

To find out more about how to make an application through Survey Monkey Apply, check out the Survey Monkey Apply FAQ.

Presentation submissions close Friday 12 February, 2021, 7:00pm (NZDT).

Please contact info@iap2.org.au if you have any questions regarding abstract submission.

That’s a wrap – past symposium events

Read about our past symposium events.

NZ Symposium 2019 – It’s a wrap!

It was really quite satisfying to spend a couple of days with engagement colleagues growing our collective body of knowledge (matauranga) at our recent Symposium. The Matariki theme was focused on new beginnings and particularly relevant in that Christchurch is a city that has had more than its fair share of ‘engagement’ recently. Mostly due to the huge effort to help our people recover, rebuild and regenerate after a damaging series of earthquakes.

What you had to say

2019 New Zealand Symposium

“Loved the atmosphere and hearing discussions about a topic I am passionate about. It was inspiring and through this symposium I have made connections that I didn’t before.”

2019 New Zealand Symposium

“It was my first time attending the Engagement Symposium and it was awesome! Thank you for an enjoyable time of networking and learning :)”

2019 New Zealand Symposium

“The Symposium provided a really good forum for meeting other people, sharing ideas and issues, and we heard some different (and refreshing) perspectives on engagement theory and practice.”

2019 New Zealand Symposium

“The Turanga visit was a real highlight- not just the engagement planning story but to be sitting in the outcome of their engagement and hear about the impact on relationships and lesson learnt.”


2019 New Zealand Symposium

“It was great, very welcoming and positive.”


2019 New Zealand Symposium

“This symposium was both inspiring and challenging for me. I am still processing some of the information from the two days, but come away with lots of reflections of my own professional and personal practice when engaging with others.”


2019 New Zealand Symposium

“Great, loved it!! Learned so much I will come next year for sure. Great people, great info, great venue!!“


2019 New Zealand Symposium

“Fantastic event“