Are We There Yet? NZ Symposium

24th May 2018
8:00AM - 6:00PM
Rydges Wellington
75 Featherston St Pipitea Wellington 6011
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Are We There Yet?

The journey so far... A review of engagement practice and the possibilities that lie ahead

Join us in Wellington to discover how Engagement is journeying forward as a practice, as an essential part of projects and organisations, and as a profession. Discover new digital tools, new techniques and learn from cutting-edge research. Listen to the journeys others have been on, and learn how to move forward professionally.

Are we there yet? Come along and find out!


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Thursday 24 May





Symposium Opening and Welcome
Donna Marshall, Chair, IAP2 Australasia


Keynote Session 1

The Future of Engagement – a Facilitator's Perspective
Cissy Rock, Community Think
Community engagement as a practice has always been at the edge of innovation. There is a breadth of engagement techniques now available, new and innovative ways to pass on information or to seek different or more effective opinions. It is the practice of finding new and relevant methods of engagement. Cissy is interested in exploring the process where engagement becomes participation. This is an approach to interactivity, which sees the shift from passive engagement to active involvement. She reflects on the satisfaction gained from a participation process, and the resulting shift in outcomes.


Keynote Session 2

Engaging with the Silent Voices
Angela Dalton, Chair of the Manurewa Local Board

Angela has been an elected member in local government for 10 years, and has journeyed alongside community groups for 25 years. In this revealing session, Angela will share her stories and learnings from her wide experience of collaborating with diverse and vulnerable communities, while also providing the decision-maker’s perspective.


Morning Tea


Breakout Session 1

Engaging with the Silent Voices – Diving a Little Deeper
Angela Dalton, Chair of the Manurewa Local Board

If you enjoyed Angela’s keynote session, then join Angela where
she will dive a little deeper and share further her learnings from
empowering communities to lead with ideas and solutions.


Breakout Session 2

The Future is Here
Emma Monk, Aurecon


Breakout Session 3

Pathways to client and community benefit 
Kate Woodruffe, GHD
Kristy McGregor, Mitchell Daysh

Description: Planning and PR are common career pathways into community engagement work; both professions provide a solid foundation for engagement practice. Join Kristy and Kate to hear how their respective backgrounds in planning and PR influence their engagement practice, and how the strategic approaches of planning and PR can combine to benefit clients and create lasting benefit for the communities we work in. Engage in an open discussion, and share your own learnings, about the challenges of working in an interdisciplinary team. And how collaboration between professionals can benefit our work and the practice of community engagement, and enable better outcomes for communities.


Breakout Session 4

The Myth of Consultation Fatigue
Julie Boucher, Just Add Lime

Yes, we’ve all heard of consultation fatigue but is it actually real? Are people sick of being ‘consulted’ and ‘suffering’ from consultation fatigue, or are we just lazy practitioners with limited resources?

In this interactive session, using case studies and scenarios, we will explore the myth of consultation fatigue and look at ways we can achieve better outcomes for the same investment, and not ‘exhaust’ our communities along the way.


Breakout Session 5

Using systems thinking to scope complex problems with groups
Justin Connolly

The challenge of working with a diverse range of people to understand and address complex problems is a constant reality. Understanding the issues and agreeing where and how policy or action might be developed/taken is critical. This presentation will outline recent research from the University of Waikato into the use a tool of systems thinking - causal loop diagrams - to understand and scope complex problems with groups (internal and external), in order to do just that.


Breakout Session 6

Engagement and the Resource Management Act
Richard Peterson & Caroline van Halderen, Stantec

Decisions under the Resource Management Act (RMA) generally involve weighing up, often competing, community values. Despite this, when the RMA was first introduced in 1991 consultation was not given great significance, and the concepts of engagement and collaboration were lacking. This session will describe the types of decisions made under the RMA, and will trace the evolving role that consultation, engagement and collaboration has had in those decisions.




Case Study Sharing (what worked, what went wrong) followed by Q&A

  • Core Values Award Winner – Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway, Malory Osmond, Beca
  • Te Puna Community Plan – Collaborate, Empower,
    Glenn Ayo, Te Puna Community Plan Project Team
  • Followed by Question and Answer

The $630 million Mackays to Peka Peka (M2PP) Expressway runs through the heart of the very vocal and passionate communities of Raumati, Paraparaumu, Waikanae and Peka Peka on the Kapiti Coast. The four lane Expressway is a Road of National Significance north of Wellington, New Zealand. When first announced in 2009, the Expressway proposal divided community opinion and attracted some strong, heart-felt resistance within the community. Hear how innovative engagement methodology based on the use of many different engagement tools saw dramatic change in public perfection and attitude towards the project.


Keynote Session 3

Engagement in a Changing World – Panel 

  • Chris Mene, IAP2 Australasia trainer and General Manager, Regenerate Christchurch
  • Kylie Cochrane, President Member, IAP2 International and Board Member, IAP2 Australasia
  • Mandi Davidson, Deputy Chair, IAP2 Australasia and Board Member, IAP2 International
  • Kate Vallence, IAP2 Australasia delegate at IAP2 US Conference 2017

With the changes that we are seeing in the world today, many community and stakeholder engagement practitioners are wondering what this means for the practice. We will explore this on a local and global scale with our panellists who will share their experience and learnings from various viewpoints, including:

  • Working with Maori and Pacifica
  • Insights from the IAP2 Australasia and UNESCAP partnership
  • Learnings from the IAP2 US Conference in Denver
  • Global perspectives from IAP2 International 


Tea Break


Invited Address

Catherine Williams, Deputy Commissioner


Closing Keynote

The Future of Engagement
Leanne Hartill, IAP2 Australasia board member and Marion Short, CEO, IAP2 Australasia

The call for support for an International Year of Engagement was launched by the IAP2 fifth Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok held in March this year. This is our profession’s big opportunity to create a global movement to build awareness and focus attention on the benefits and importance of community and stakeholder engagement. But what will this look like for New Zealand?


Closing Remarks

Symposium Closing Remarks
Donna Marshall, Chair, IAP2 Australasia


GHD Networking Drinks

Connect with colleagues and friends and meet the IAP2 Australasia Board.



Friday 25 May

9:15am Tour Check-in  Meet at Rydges Wellington
9:30am - 11:30am Wellington Urban and Waterfront
Walking Tour
Wellington has gone through some significant development and change in landmark urban and waterfront areas. Find out more behind the scenes in this enjoyable walking tour to be hosted by Wellington City Council. 


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