Notification of a Data Breach February 2019

IAP2 Australasia is sorry to advise that we have been the subject of a malicious access incident (or in layman’s terms a hack). Part of the IAP2 Australasia internet-facing system (online system) has been accessed which has resulted in a data breach occurring between 30 December 2018 and 14 February 2019.

Emails sent to the email address between these dates were forwarded to an unidentifiable email recipient.

We understand this breach affects a number of customers and members, all of whom have now been notified by email letter.

Linked to this announcement is a notice from our Chair, Donna Marshall, on the IAP2 Australasia letterhead. This letter provides further information about the actions taken by IAP2 Australasia immediately upon confirming the ‘hack’.

In discussing this data breach with cyber security and privacy officers, they have shared with us that they consider it a low level risk. Additionally, appreciation has been shown for IAP2’s openness and response to this matter.

IAP2 Australasia offers sincere apologies for this incident and would like to assure members that we are working hard to not only correct this, but to prevent it from happening again. The IAP2 management team will continue to investigate the situation and keep members up to date on any material developments.

For more information, contact Marion Short, Chief Executive Officer on either of the toll free numbers below.

Yours faithfully

Marion Short
Chief Executive Officer, IAP2 Australasia
AU: 1300 4ENGAGE (4364 243) | NZ: 0800 4ENGAGE (4364 243)

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