From the CEO December: IAP2A Christmas wishlist

As we draw to the end of a breathtakingly busy year, I’d like to extend a personal thanks to all of our Directors, Ambassadors, trainers, members, sponsors, partners, local network hosts, course participants, staff and everyone who has been part of the IAP2 Australasia family in 2018.

It has been a colossal twelve months for IAP2A, and I’ve mentioned before the VERY ambitious Strategic Review which we launched earlier in 2018 – an ambitious plan taking IAP2A to 2020.

So far, this plan has delivered a partnership with UNESCAP; our first participatory budgeting exercise; the establishment of our Communities of Practice; mentoring program and research advisory work group. In 2019, you can expect to see some exciting announcements including a new research partnership and a new strategic partnership with an aligned association. There will also be more professional development opportunities, and we will be rolling out a business improvement plan to empower members and enable a quality user experience of IAP2A services.

It has been a year of many, many heads, hands and hearts producing thousands upon thousands of small actions, leading to big things being achieved.

Twelve big numbers of the IAP2 Christmas

IAP2A can boast some BIG numbers at the close of 2018:

  1. Over 7,000 members
  2. Almost 6,000 people trained in the last year
  3. More than 365 training days
  4. Almost 300 conference delegates at the 2018 IAP2 Australasia Conference
  5. 100+ member activities
  6. 50 great Conference speakers
  7. 27 mentees matched with 25 mentors in our new mentor program
  8. 25 amazing Ambassadors, who have contributed so much to the practice and to IAP2
  9. 19 Core Values Awards winners awarded
  10. 15 IAP2A trainers, with more on the way
  11. 12 great training programs
  12. All part of one global IAP2

Three Christmas Wishes

This Christmas, I’m making three wishes for IAP2 Australasia in 2019:

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