2019 IAP2 Director Elections

IAP2 Australasia Directors – Congratulations to our incoming new directors (to be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting, 30 October 2019)

Five IAP2 Australasia director nominations were received in August 2019. One of the fundamental changes to the election process in 2019 is the establishment of an Assessment Panel to assess IAP2 Australasia Director nominations that have been received to ensure that they have suitable qualifications, skills and experience to discharge the functions of a director as determined by the Board. The Assessment Panel evaluated each nomination as either accepted or not accepted. It is to be noted that candidate names are redacted as part of the assessment process.

The Assessment Panel assessed the following candidates as accepted:

  • Lance Brooks
  • Nathan Connors
  • Penny Townley

As the number of persons accepted as candidates does not exceed the number to be elected, the IAP2 Australasia election is uncontested, and each candidate is automatically elected. 

The three new directors will be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting to be held in late October 2019.

Lance Brooks

I passionately believe that community and connection are the essence of the human experience. When we feel we belong to a community, our understanding of wellbeing, health and safety is greatly enriched. I am a self-starter, a strategic and creative thinker and an inclusive and enthusiastic team member. I communicate clearly and persuasively and am able to build genuine and strong interpersonal relationships, which I believe are profoundly embedded in the power of listening. These attributes have enabled me to successfully fulfil the various leadership roles I’ve undertaken throughout my career in community engagement. Whether it’s a Friday arvo BBQ, a Town Hall meeting, a workshop, mediation session, developing a Strategic Community Engagement plan, in all areas, I have found a career I love and believe in.

Nathan Connors

Experienced strategic project manager and stakeholder engagement practitioner with a background in digital learning, emerging technologies and communications. Currently working with Bang the Table as Global Head of Client Services, focussed on developing skills and capacity of stakeholder engagement practitioners. Experience expanding business into new territories and capturing new market opportunities. Many years working across local and state government as well as universities. Master of International Relations from Melbourne University, undergraduate in Journalism from Queensland University of Technology, Bachelor of Business, Queensland University. Father and husband, news junkie, international relations quirk and rugby union supporter.

Penny Townley

A communications and engagement practitioner of 35 years, I would be honoured to progress the work of IAP2 across Australasia. My commitment to advancing the profession is demonstrated through my voluntary role (2008 – 2012) to establish the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) and national rating tool. As a contributing author of the ISCA community health, safety and wellbeing criteria (V.01) and peer reviewer of the stakeholder engagement criteria (V.01, V.02) I ensured community was an integral part of the national evaluation framework.  I am part of the Next Generation Engagement Program and would value advancing the needs and ideas of IAP2 members, the broader profession and the communities for whom we advocate and engage.

Our Board

Donna Marshall (Chair)
Donna is the Executive Director, Stakeholder Engagement for the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority. An IAP2 member since 2004, Donna has over 20 years’ infrastructure engagement experience across road, rail, aviation, property, health, defence, natural resources and disaster management. She has provided engagement support to over 300 projects of varying size in QLD, NSW, VIC, and WA.  Donna was a Committee Member with Consult Australia and co-author of the “Valuing Better Engagement” and “Guide to Procuring Engagement Services”, and also authored the stakeholder engagement chapter in the “ANCOLD Regulation and Practice for the Environmental Management of Dams in Australia (June 2014)”.  She was a 2005, 2007, 2011 IAP2 Core Values Regional and National Award recipient and in 2012 the IAP2 Australasia Project of the Year winner for the Murrindindi Shire Bushfire Memorials. Donna’s term commenced October 2015 and expires in October 2019.

Mandi Davidson (Deputy Chair)
Mandi is the National Lead for Communications and Engagement at RPS, a leading global professional services firm. Mandi has more than 20 years’ experience and has led communications, community and stakeholder engagement for complex urban renewal, water and transport projects in Victoria. Mandi holds a Masters in Commercial Law and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance and has worked with government and not-for-profit boards. She is interested in advancing the professionalism of engagement and the profile of IAP2 in Australia and internationally. Mandi’s term commenced October 2014 will expire October 2020. Mandi is also a member of the IAP2 International Board.

Helen Christensen
Helen is a researcher, practitioner and trainer in community engagement with over 10 years’ experience. She is an Associate at the Institute of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Technology Sydney where she is also a PhD candidate looking at the professionalisation of community engagement in local government.  Helen is also a trainer with IAP2 Australasia where she delivers the Certificate in Engagement program. Helen’s term commenced in October 2016 and will expire October 2019.

Tony Clark
Tony Clark brings together a wealth of experience in leading transformation through the challenging political and economic landscape. Taking a community focused approach, Tony brings over 25 years of experience. Having lost his eyesight at the age of 21, Tony harnesses his blindness as a great strength bringing a unique perspective to inclusion and diversity.

As the Assistant Director for Planning and Capital Projects, Communications and Engagement for Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority, Tony is working to implement communication and engagement systems that will not only ensure smooth project outcomes but will also deliver value creation to the broader community resulting in jobs, improved economic growth and better outcomes. Tony’s term commenced in October 2018 and will expire October 2021.

Kylie Cochrane
Kylie is an industry influencer with almost 30 years’ experience in community and stakeholder engagement, strategic communication and issues management. She is passionate about engagement and committed to promoting the professionalism of engagement practice. She loves working on challenging engagement projects and brings direct proven understanding and experience on key infrastructure projects with significant community outrage. Kylie also brings vast experience in the resources, energy, and community development sectors. She has had the privilege of serving on the Board since 2013 and chaired the Governance and Finance Committee in FY15. She helped reshape the IAP2 Australasia Core Values Awards, she introduced more governance and rigour to IAP2 Australasia and she helped ensure IAP2 Australasia was profitable. Kylie is also the Chair of IAP2 International and she is driving the IAP2 change project to ensure we have a sustainable IAP2 which is well set up to shape the future of the engagement.

Kate Henderson
Kate is currently a Learning Lead and Facilitator for the consultancy, MosaicLab, who specialise in deliberative democracy and facilitation. Kate has been a long-standing member of IAP2 Australasia through her community engagement roles in state government (Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning) and local government (City of Melbourne) and now with MosaicLab. Whilst at the City of Melbourne, the organisation won several IAP2 awards, including Australasian and International Organisation of the Year 2014. In 2015, she was a judge for the Australasian IAP2 Core Values Awards. Kate’s specialises deliberative engagement, specifically citizens’ juries and she has worked on juries on climate change, water pricing, obesity, 10 year plans (in Victoria) and nuclear waste storage (South Australia). Kate’s term commenced in October 2016 and will expire October 2019.

Amy Hubbard
Amy is a Director and Co-founder of Capire, a specialist community engagement consultancy based in Melbourne. With over 20 years of experience in engagement, Amy has expertise in the design of placed-based engagement and integrating engagement outcomes with the delivery of technical solutions. Amy has been an active participant in the professionalisation of the industry through her involvement with IAP2 and Engage2Act, and championing international exchange of leading practice community engagement. Amy is passionate about the intersection between engagement and community development. The meeting point where people are empowered and they have clarity about the future. Amy’s term commenced in October 2018 and will expire October 2021.

Joel Levin
Joel is a long-term member, founding coordinator of IAP2 in WA, Ambassador, trainer and engagement practitioner. Joel has previously sat on the IAP2 Board and wants to see IAP2 continue to grow and become a member driven association, supporting the development of the practice and influencing government policy, to contribute to a more engaged community. For the past 15 years, Joel has run his own consulting practice working across sectors, across the country and also working internationally with the United Nations on developing engagement practice across the asia-pacific region. Joel’s term commenced in October 2018 and will expire October 2021.

Allen Rodwell
Allen has worked in stakeholder and community engagement for nearly 10 years and has been an active member of IAP2 since 2009. Throughout his career, he has led engagement programs to support the planning, design and delivery of major transport, infrastructure, water, building and development projects in Australia and overseas. Allen has been involved in a number of award winning projects and is passionate about raising the profile of stakeholder and community engagement within other industries. He is currently Communication & Stakeholder Manager with John Holland and oversees the delivery of community and stakeholder engagement programs on projects located in NSW and ACT. Allen’s term commenced in October 2017 and will expire October 2020.

Jo Wilkins
Coming to the profession from a town planning background, Jo has been a member of IAP2 Australasia since 2011. Currently, Jo works as a Stakeholder Engagement Consultant for Stantec, based in Auckland. Previously she worked at Auckland Council and finds that having private and public sector experience helps to see all sides of the engagement journey. Jo is actively involved in running the Auckland IAP2 network. She is passionate about the changing dynamics of the profession and sees how organisations are placing more value on quality, timely engagement. Through a strong professional body, we are all part of delivering this value. Jo’s term commenced in October 2017 and will expire October 2020.

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