Support the call for an International Year of Engagement!

The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and UNESCAP are partnering to promote systematic, quality engagement of stakeholders and the public, to help governments and others who lead and design engagement processes to develop structured, well-planned and meaningful engagement.

As IAP2 Australasia is committed to advancing the practice of community and stakeholder engagement through education, advocacy and building partnerships, we are working to submit a proposal for an International Year of Engagement and Public Participation.

What would be the objectives of a year of engagement?

A year focusing on engagement could promote action on three fronts:

  1. Build awareness and focus attention on an enabling
    environment for engagement and public participation – for e.g.
    legislation, institutional mandates, education;
  2. Build capacity for engagement, benefitting from proven methods; and
  3. Mobilise engagement and public participation to support the 2030 Agenda and achievement of the SDGs.

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Organisations will be acknowledged and presented in a proposal document to the United Nations as supporting a focus on engagement.

You can view the International Year of Engagement supporting organisations here