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Welcome to IAP2 Australasia

As the peak body for the community and stakeholder engagement sector, IAP2 Australasia, believes that engagement, when done well, improves social, environmental and economic outcomes and increases trust in the democratic process. 

We advocate for all communities to be authentically engaged in decisions that affect them through education and increasing awareness of authentic engagement and all its benefits, in alignment with the IAP2 Quality Assurance Standard for Community and Stakeholder Engagement.

Conference changing landscapes

IAP2 Australasia Conference 2021
Changing Landscapes

Join us to explore how community and stakeholder engagement is evolving in response to emerging issues including changes and challenges presented by natural disasters, the pandemic, engaging with diverse communities, equity and inclusion, climate change, globalisation and more.

This year’s conference will be a 100% virtual experience. Participants will gain access to a virtual event platform to connect with colleagues and friends, view the presentations live and witness the latest from our speakers.

Conference delegates will also receive on-demand access to conference content and resources after the event.


COVID-19 Information and Resources hub

Browse the list of free online tools, resources and information sheets – on topics such as digital engagement, adaptive tools, engaging from home, honest conversations and reaching vulnerable people during COVID-19, to help engagement professionals innovate and stay connected to communities during this time.


Bringing you new videos regularly with wisdom, tips and food-for-thought from our ‘Giants’ in the industry, Core Values Awards winners and finalists and general interest pieces from the studio.

First up, we have episode 1 of our Tales with Giants series, “Wellbeing and the Engagement Practitioner” with Joel Levin.

We are also ‘in the studio’ with Rebecca Spencer, as she shares her thoughts on managing burnout as an engagement practitioner.

Natural Disaster Hub

The Natural Disaster Hub has been developed to house a range of resources to help engagement practitioners in the event of a natural disaster, such as; flooding, bush fires, earthquakes and cyclones.

Engagement practitioners will find a list of community engagement resources to help navigate the natural disaster landscape. As we receive and release new resources and materials these will be added.

Latest News

2021 Christmas closure dates

2021 Christmas closure dates

Thank you to our wonderful IAP2A community for another eventful year! We will be taking a short break over the holidays, but don’t worry we will be returning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the new year.

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2021 IAP2A Virtual Conference recordings now available

2021 IAP2A Virtual Conference recordings now available

Did you miss the 2021 Virtual Conference? Even though you might have not been able to join all the live participant action and networking during the conference, you do still have the opportunity to catch the recordings by purchasing a Post-Conference Ticket before 20 December 2021.

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What others are saying

Virtual Engaging with Influence participant, December 2021

“This was an extremely interesting course and has provided me with plenty of material to re-visit and focus upon.”

Virtual Engagement Design participant, December 2021

“Very interactive, almost felt like being in person.”

Virtual Conflict in Engagement participant, November 2021

“Conflict in Engagement is the uncomfortable experience that we all experience, and sometimes it feels hopeless to counteract. This course is a must learn skill in our practise, really enjoyed it!”

Virtual Engaging with Influence participant, November 2021

“IAP2 training bridges theory with practice. Real world examples also help to make sense of it all.”

Virtual Engagement Methods participant, October 2021

“Strongly recommend this course to everyone in the engagement field, it explored methods you would have never known about.”

Virtual Conflict in Engagement participant, October 2021

“I feel that IAP2 has found the sweet spot with this course. It wasn’t overwhelming in terms of content and allowed me to reflect on my own engagements, consider where I may have improved upon and what aspects I have done well in challenging circumstances.”

Virtual Engagement Essentials participant, September 2021

“I am a complete newbie to the industry so this course was extremely valuable to me. I loved how the course structure is aimed at all levels so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I learnt a lot from the breakout groups and listening to others share their experiences of CE in their current work roles.”

Virtual Engagement Essentials participant, May 2020

“I think the digital environment enabled us to collaborate more than in a classroom setting, because we got to use the jamboard and annotate the slides with [the trainer].”

Virtual Engagement Essentials participant, May 2020

“I was overwhelmed by how good the course was via zoom and not in person!”

Jonas - Public Transport Victoria

“The engagement course that we’ve just completed was one of the best courses that I have ever attended. The mix of theory and practical application, relating it directly to what we all do in our everyday worklife and the quality of the course material and in particular the facilitator made it all super useful and insightful.”


“This event was by far the best networking event I have been to. From the moment I walked in, I felt very welcome and I was really impressed with how the night ran.”

Erin Searle, Logan City Council

“IAP2 Australasia’s 2018 conference was absolutely inspiring with thought provoking keynotes and breakout sessions.”


“The forum was well organised and it was amazing to see so many community development practitioners and members of the private sector.”


“The key guest speakers were great and they have challenged the participants to be creative about their community engagement projects.”


“Community engagement has been at the heart of Lendlease’s planning for suburban and inner-city developments globally. Participating in IAP2A public training allows our people to hear the views of practitioners and sector leaders who work in different contexts, adding outside perspectives to our conversations.”

Engaging with Influence participant, March 2019

“I discovered and understood some behaviours that are likely to have impacted my credibility as an adviser and manager, and I have the tools to correct/improve.”

Engaging with Influence participant, August 2018

“Learning about the communication and decision making styles was most useful.”

Engaging with Influence participant, November 2018

“Discovering the “Influence Map” [was useful]. Identifying our key decision makers in any given situation.”

Engagement Design participant, August 2019

“The practical side of actually putting together an engagement plan [was useful] – it made the theory come alive and allowed me to see where the pitfalls are and the important aspects you can’t brush over.”

Engagement Design participant, August 2019

“It was all useful and I’ve taken away information that I will use time and time again.”

Engagement Design participant, May 2019

“Collaborative exercises and being able to draw on the knowledge of practitioners in the room. The Facilitator identified this was a strength during day one and actually made more space for that on day two; really valuable.”

Engagement Evaluation participant, July 2019

“I never thought I would recommend evaluation as a must-have course but I think it’s crucial we as a profession get better at showing the value of what we do.”

Engagement Evaluation participant, June 2019

“I found the whole training useful as it clarified the importance and benefits of evaluating engagements and it offered useful tools and framework. What I found was that all those who attended did not do evaluation well, including me.”

Conflict in Engagement participant, June 2019

[The most useful aspect was] “Role playing to get insights into different personas and methods to work with them. Also what people felt about conflict – reassurance that we grapple with similar feelings and thoughts and challenges.”

Conflict in Engagement participant, June 2018

“I’ve referred many times (and shown colleagues) the artefacts falling out of each session I’ve completed as part of the qualification. Very useful.”

Engagement Facilitation participant, August 2019

“I want to make sure it is noted how excellent I thought the Trainer’s facilitation module was. I took a huge amount away from the day, and have already returned to work and implemented learnings from her. Her depth of knowledge was really great, and I got a lot out of her tactics and strategies. Would definitely recommend the module.”

Engagement Facilitation participant, March 2019

[The session provided] “more exposure to types of Facilitation methods and planning facilitations.”

Engagement Facilitation participant, July 2018

“Testament to the course and trainer that even though I have a lot of experience in facilitating engagement, I found the course day stimulation, practical and valuable learning experience. Thanks!”

Engagement Essentials participant, February 2019

“There was nothing I thought I couldn’t apply to my role.”

Engagement Essentials participant, April 2019

“I felt the most useful aspect was the integration between learning from the Facilitator and interacting with and learning from others. It was an excellent blend.”

Engagement Essentials participant, July 2019

“It should be a ‘must do’ for any public organisation.”

Engagement Essentials participant, February 2019

“I have an engineering background and found that the course provided me with fantastic perspective and some approaches to improving my Project Management Skillset. Don’t necessarily need to specialize in engagement to benefit from this course.”