IAP2 Training

  • Certificate Training

    The new Australasian Certificate in Engagement has been developed in response to member, practitioner and client demand. It offers the essential training for community and stakeholder engagement practitioners across Australia and New Zealand.

    The new course has been designed with participant flexibility in mind and consists of a limited number of core modules and an evolving number of electives which will grow and change as the market develops and matures.

    The core modules are:

    • Engagement Essentials (one day)
    • Engagement Methods (two days)
    • Engagement Design (two days)

    When completing the entire certificate Engagement Essentials is a compulsory prerequisite before completing any other modules. Generally participants will complete either Engagement Methods or Engagement Design plus two one day electives to attain their full certificate. However participants can also choose to complete a certificate with all three modules - Engagement Essentials, Engagement Methods and Engagement Design - depending on their specific needs and interests.

    A certificate of attendance is provided for each module attended. After successful completion of the full five days of modules or modules plus electives, the participant will be awarded the Australasian Certificate in Engagement.

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  • Online Engagement - Sydney (1 day)

    2 Dec 15

    This is a one-day course on Online Engagement.

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  • Engagement Evaluation - Adelaide (1 Day)

    23 Jun 16

    This is a one-day course on Engagement Evaluation.

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